Đà Nàng Air Base, S/East Perimeter!




Don Poss : Yes... there were nights like that. But for the most part it was much quieter. Sounds of someone-else's war could be heard clearly. The ground would quake as if a giant stomped the land, and he did, in the form of a B-52 bomber dropping thousand-pounders.

During the Vietnam War, USAF Air/Security Police guarded the Air Bases and aircraft at major bases and small detachments throughout Vietnam. The panorama composite photo is of Đà Nàng Air Base's East perimeter, 1966 -- and I http://www.vspa.commust tell you, the number of flares shown are conservative. Many a night, I watched my Airman's annual salary equivalent drift away -- gratefully!-- in the form of million-candle power parachute flares that ringed the base in a heavenly halo of amber flare light!
     Marble Mountain lay to the East, a few miles off in the direction where the 105 Howitzer shell has exploded in the photo. Often, the flares around Marble Mountain looked like agitated fireflies!
     In 1965, a free-fire zone was plowed for 500 yards out from the line, by the USMC, who manned the bunkers outside the wire. Marines were always happy to see USAF K-9 Sentry Dogs on patrol... and believe me, we thanked God and LBJ for the marines!

"Đà Nàng Perimeter", © 1999, by Don Poss

     Over the years, mortars, sappers, and rockets took their toll, and ten Air/Security Police were Killed In Action at Đà Nàng--rocket city--and many more wounded in action.

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