Sgt Ira F. Lord, Jr., LOD Korea. Vietnam Security Police Association


Ira F. Lord Jr.
KIA, Korea

HQ 5th AF, Det/Security
06 NOV 1950

Submitted by Jeff Petty

Ira F. Lord, Jr.
Abilene, Texas
Born January 18, 1929
Sergeant, U.S. Air Force
Non-hostile Death
Died November 6, 1950 in Korea

Sergeant Lord was a veteran of World War II. In Korea, he was a member of the Security Detachment, Headquarters, 5th Air Force. During the early hours of November 6, 1950, while guarding the advance headquarters near Pyongyang, North Korea, he killed by accidental gunfire. Sergeant Lord was awarded a Presidential accolade posthumously.

Korean War AP's -- Jeff Petty, 18: 28: 43 02/20/02 Wed
Hi Don,

Lately I have been doing a little research about deceased Korean War AP's. On your Memorial Page you have 4 listed, but I believe there is a 5th. Additionally, I have been in contact with one of his former unit members Jim Allen, who wrote:

"... air policemen were defending their (HQ 5th AF) headquarters against an enemy attack. There were several of them... and they were under heavy enemy fire. Corporal Coker was standing next to a Sergeant Ira F. Lord, who was killed by enemy fire. The situation in Korea at that time was very chaotic to say the least. Sgt Lord was buried by men of his unit and his family was notified of his death." Jim Allen

I also read that Sgt Lord was a WWII vet.


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